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The Rock Deflector- Tow Vehicle Protection

World Camping Products Inc.

The Rock Deflector is the best way to protect your vehicle when towing with any NSA tow system.  The Rock Deflector provides a constant barrier between your car and the road debris that can get kicked up by the RV.  It is easy to hook and unhook with any NSA tow system. 

Select the standard size If you use any NSA tow bar without a drop hitch. 

Select the extra-long size if you use any NSA tow bar with a drop hitch. 

Occasionally there are diesel RVs that have an exhaust system that comes out of the bumper and points down. This can cause the Rock Defector to get too hot.  We do not recommend the rock deflector if an exhaust system is too close to the fabric.  If you have questions about your setup, give us a call or email us pictures and we can advise.

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