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In Dash Car Brake Indicator #DL-100

NSA Tow Bars


The NSA DL-100 In-Dash Car Brake Indicator lights up when the brake is being depressed in the tow vehicle. 

Note:: The DL-100 in-dash light motoring system gets power from the brake pedal switch of the tow car.  There are some rare cases where a different monitoring kit is needed because the tow car does not power its brake lights in “tow mode”.  Put your tow car in “tow mode” and confirm that the brake lights illuminate when the brake pedal is depressed.  Wait 10 minutes and test again, it’s very rare but some tow cars cut power after 10 minutes. If the brake lights are not illuminating, please contact us as a different monitoring kit is needed. 

**Note that the monitoring kit is just a dash light that illuminates if the brake is depressed in the tow car, it has no effect on the core functions of the braking system.

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